Friday, April 8, 2016

Just checking in to say hi. Lot's of changes have taken place since I last posted. The biggest change being that Bob retired and after living in the same house for 39 yrs, we up and moved in April of 2014. We put the house on the market on April 29th and had two offers within 15 hours. We took the highest offer, and the changing of title etc. went very smoothly. We moved to our little cabin up on the river in Index WA. on April 29th and lived there that entire Summer while Bob remodeled the double wide MH we bought just up the hill from the cabin. It took him 4 months to finish the new place, so we were in by the first of September. Just in time for Winter! We've been here 2 yrs now, and it really does feel like home now. The only thing I miss about our old place is the location. We were so close to shopping, dining and the theater. I miss being 2 minutes from all of those amenities. The trade off is being up here in the mountains near the river, and all of the recreation this area has to offer. Recreation like hiking, swimming, skiing, bike riding, snorkeling and fishing. We're also close to a major pass which makes it very easy to get to points east. The kids come up quite often, and we always love having them here. The cabin down on the river is our official guest house, and we also have a spare bedroom here and a new trailer with plenty of beds. All in all it's been a good change, and we look forward to many years enjoying our new home and our new way of life in the land of retirement.

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